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DACS is your Colorado paving expert. We offer new paving, overlay, mill and overlay, and full depth asphalt reconstruction. We put safety above all and offer the most professional paving experience in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado. Below is a breakdown of our asphalt paving services. If you’re in need of patching, cracksealing, sealcoating, or infrared repair, visit our asphalt maintenance page for more information.

New Asphalt

Need a new parking lot or road? Let’s talk about our new asphalt services.
DACS works with multiple general contractors installing new asphalt parking lots. From scarify and recompact, fine grading and paving, striping and signs DACS can price the complete asphalt scope.


  • Ensures the subgrade is properly compacted.
  • More cost effective than concrete pavement.
  • Lower maintenance cost than concrete.
  • Faster installation time.


  • 15-25 years when a proper maintenance program is followed.

Asphalt Overlay

Is your current pavement serviceable, but in need of a fresh new coat? An asphalt overlay sounds like it may do the job.
Asphalt overlays are a method of paving 2” of new asphalt over the existing asphalt. Overlays extend the life of pavement that is still in serviceable condition. Overlays are particularly useful, when the existing asphalt is inadequate in depth. Overlays are a popular approach because of their value.

Overlay Considerations

  • The existing asphalt should be in serviceable condition.
  • Overlays work best when there is a solid subgrade and an adequate asphalt base course to support the new asphalt.
  • How will the overlay impact drainage? Most overlays will not correct major drainage issues.
  • The depth and number of cracks in the existing asphalt. Cracks may reflect through the new overlay in time. Deep cracks may need to be repaired prior to an overlay.
  • Pavement failures need to be repaired prior to overlays.
Ask your DACS consultant during your free estimate about edge milling to better blend to the existing layout.

Mill and Overlay

Looking for a cost-effective solution to full removal
and replacement of your asphalt? Look no further.
Mill and Overlay is the process of removing the worn top layer of the existing asphalt and then paving 2” of new asphalt on top.


  • Mill and Overlay is best used if the current asphalt is at least 6” deep.
  • Mill and Overlay is used in parking lots and streets in an effort to extend the life of the asphalt using the structure of the existing base course, the surface course is removed and replaced.
  • This may be more cost-effective solution than performing a full depth asphalt removal and replacement, provided the base course is a strong stable structure.
  • Mill and Overlay has its limitations and can only be done before any significant damage to the parking lot has occurred.

Full Depth Asphalt Reconstruction

Is your parking lot or roadway in need of being replaced?
Let’s talk full depth asphalt reconstruction.
Full depth reconstruction is what it sounds like, full replacement of the existing asphalt. There are often subgrade issues or traffic load changes that lead to the failure of the asphalt. In this case, the entire area is removed and new subgrade material is installed prior to new asphalt pavement.

Full Depth Asphalt Reconstruction Considerations

  • Depth of excavation
  • Use of ground stabilization fabric
  • Traffic load
  • Asphalt pavement thickness

Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re not quite sure, line up your free estimate with a DACS paving expert.

We pride ourselves on being consultants, not sales people.