Case Study

Concrete Paving

Littleton, CO.


Oldcastle Precast is a large-scale concrete producer specializing in pre-cast units for underground sewer and storm drainage systems. Their storage yard requires moving large concrete boxes and vaults across the property with forklifts of loads upwards of 100,000 pounds, so their destructive force on pavement is quite evident.
Their older asphalt yard had over time developed large ruts and potholes from this use. The asphalt pavement was variable in depth between 8 and 10 inches. After many years, it had deteriorated beyond minor repairs.


DACS was hired to replace the failed asphalt with new concrete. The old asphalt was milled out and hauled away for a quick effective way to remove existing asphalt. New 8-inch concrete pavement was pumped in. Concrete was a better solution for this case, due to the point loading that this yard was subjected to. Oldcastle provided the rebar as a cost effective solution that DACS just tied and placed at 18 inches. A laser screed was utilized to get precise grades in a purposely designed flat yard. After the concrete was poured and finished, control joints were cut at 8 feet on center spacing.

Services provided:

  • Milling existing asphalt - to remove asphalt quickly
  • New 8” Concrete