Case Study

Mill And Overlay

Aurora, CO


The existing asphalt at this large apartment complex was deteriorated and starting to show damage with potholes and surface cracks. There was not a lot of alligator cracking or heaving and DACS determined that a mill and overlay for the majority of the asphalt could be successfully performed.


DACS performed a 2" mill and overlay - removing 2" of existing damaged and old asphalt and replacing it with a new surface that is smooth and free of potholes, blemishes or any other major concerns. A budget for patching the base layer of asphalt after milling was established to fix any repairs on the bottom asphalt prior to paving the top lift.
DACS developed a comprehensive phasing plan to accommodate residents into the complex and minimize parking disruptions.
It is very important to note that in order to maintain a smooth surface the layers beneath the new asphalt must be sturdy and free of cracks. If the base layer of asphalt is not free of cracking, ‘reflective cracking’ will occur over time.

Services provided:

  • Milling and overlay
  • Striping