Case Study

InfRared Asphalt

Thornton, CO.


After new construction of houses in Talon View Subdivision, the surface of the road was left with scratches and small damage from forklifts, trash containers and other construction activities.


Following inspection by the City of Thornton, DACS was hired by DINS to repair these flaws in the surface of the asphalt. Each area was heated using a large infrared heater, the existing asphalt is raked and a small amount of new asphalt is added. Finally it is rolled and compacted in place.
In newer asphalt, this repair can help prevent water from ponding or penetrating into these small surface cracks. For older asphalt, infrared patching is a much more temporary repair but can be successful when subgrade damage is minor, or to prolong life of pavement until a more major repair can be performed.

Services provided:

  • Infrared Patching